Sinker cypress is one of the most beautiful and most sought after woods for furniture and construction.  I've often been asked why...

Over a century ago in Louisiana, loggers were cutting down 700 year old cypress trees. The massive trees were cut and dropped into the water where they were sent down rivers and bayous to nearby sawmills...Not all of them made it.

The heaviest and densest of the logs sank to the bottom.  The sunken logs were entombed in low oxygen river bottoms and sat there with little or no decay for over a hundred years, perfectly preserved.

An estimated 5 percent of the now-prized Louisiana Cypress harvested in the 18th and 19th centuries sank.

Salvage crews don diving gear and, in the murky conditions, feel around in the mud for the logs.

The tight, rich grain patterns and their massive size makes the logs especially prized among fine furniture and construction companies.

Lumber For Sale

Not only are we the experts when it comes to designing and producing exquisite and artistic Sinker Cypress furniture, we also sell Sinker Cypress lumber for use in your construction projects.

Angie Taylor Blades
Angie Taylor Blades Hammond, LA
We got our table today...I can not tell you how beautiful it is. You can just look at the details and tell these folks take pride in their work. Thanks so much.. I LOVE my table!!!!
Brandy Gilman
Brandy Gilman Villa Rica, Georgia
Some of these pieces are to die for! Super impressed, love the benches.
Seth Venezia
Seth Venezia Westlake, LA
Great service and an amazing selection of sinker cypress to choose from!
Brett & Buffy Thomas
Brett & Buffy Thomas Slidell, LA
We just picked up our sinker cypress table and it is WAY better than we ever expected. I especially love the "live edge". These guys are the MASTERS of sinker cypress!